Quantitative Researcher

Experience required

1 - 5 years


250 000 RUB

DataFork specializes in alternative data research for quantitative asset management industry.  We delve deep into an ever expanding range of datasets to uncover new sources of predictive power.

We have spent years improving our research framework so you can focus the effort on value-adding ideas instead of repeating mundane work and fitting slightly new implementations of well-known strategies. On the other side we avoid going too far with likely false positive results as it happens in academia by using wide range of technologies making research results reproducible and portable.

As a researcher you will join the team with an established and efficient process, and will be provided with all the necessary data, tools and guidelines to help you perform. At the same time, you will have large degree of freedom to explore alternative approaches and leverage new aspects of the data.

We expect you to be a self-starter, comfortable working as a part of a distributed team and proactive in setting and sticking to your own pace. As our team is small and works in an agile way we expect everyone to produce results that teammates can rely on, always keeping attention on data and code quality.

The ideal candidate will have:

  1. Data analysis experience
  2. Experience in python data stack (numpy, pandas, matplotlib, scipy, sklearn)
  3. Basic knowledge of statistics, ML, probability theory
  4. Understanding or interest in financial markets
  5. Ability to read research papers in English.

We offer flexible working arrangements, remote or from our Moscow offices in Moscow City, as well as health coverage and allowance for gym and language courses.

Our interview process starts by CV review followed by an interview